This was my first time making homemade pasta so I needed a bit of time to get used to the process. However the instructions helped me a lot.
The pasta machine was sturdy and stable once attached to the tabletop. The dough flattening and slicing mechanisms worked well. It was super fun to end up with fresh fettuccini at the end. The whole family raved about the taste and texture of the pasta. Thanks pasta maker. I would definitely recommend this pasta maker for ease of use, cost effectiveness and quality of product.

D. S.


Here’s my review….
The machine worked well and we enjoyed our fresh home made pasta. It takes a while to get the dough right and also it took some practice to learn how to feed the dough through the machine properly. Once we got the hang of it it was fun to use and the kids enjoyed helping.

J. B.


Instruction #9 to early to boil water, should be further along the sequence. Should boil water when done cutting. 16 5 passes at setting 7, 3 times at 5, 2 times at 2. I didn’t have a helper, figured out a technic to do it myself. Just hold it as it comes out from the bottom.
Simplify instructions.
Once I got the first batch done I knew what to do, machine worked very well.

C. H.


This thing is very impressive to look at! Nice and shiny and very solid. Looks like quality.

I’ve never made pasta before and we’re a gluten-free household so I had to play with the included recipe a bit. A quick internet search told me to add extra egg(s) and I was all set with my dough.

The machine was very easy to set up and the clamp to hold it down is super helpful!

It took a couple of tries to get the hang of feeding the dough through the machine but I persisted, and it worked great! By the time I was on the fourth bit if dough, I had it down. I ended up with enough perfect fettuccine to feed 4 easily.

The only challenge I had was with the crank/handle. It was a bit loose and kept falling out of the slot on the smooth feeder. But it stayed in the cutting feeders just fine.

I did manage successfully on my own, but I see why the directions say it’s good to have a helper for a second set of hands. This would be a great way to get the kids involved in making dinner.

Also, when you attach it to the counter, you need to have at least a foot of open workspace on either side of the machine. I didn’t and it was a little awkward.

L. M.

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